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Accept the Review request

Once you receive a review request you can accept/decline it with the Email link or in the Review section in your Home.

My Review Section

Adding a review

When you accept the review request you get the access permission for the submission and to download the paper.

To add a review you can either click the Edit Review Button on the left navigation bar on the submission page.

Add Review in Submission

Then you can enter your review and comments in the review fields. As these fields are generated dynamically for each conference, they might differ from the screenshot. Then press save to save your Review. You can also download an offline review form and edit your review later when you don't have an internet connection.

Add Review Form

Offline Review form

SRMv2 supports offline review forms. The recommended version is the HTML review form, which requires a HTML5 supported browser. The HTML version generates a XML form which can be loaded again in the HTML offline review form or uploaded into the system.