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The search function does NOT deactivate the checkboxes, only filters the result - use the set/unset function!

Wildcards mean you enter them and they get replaced by the appropriate word. Eg. With "Dear $$FIRSTNAME$$" the system replaces $$FRISTNAME$$ with the appropriate firstname of the email. You can use the wildcards as often as you like in the subject and body of the email.

In general you can enter here the subject, and the body of your email. When you want to send a carbon copy to one or multiple users add the email addresses in the cc field ',' separated. Eg.:,,

All Send Mail Functions have now an integrated Preview Mail function, so before you send a Mail you will preview all mails before they are sent.

Preview Send Mail

send Email to IPC

Send Email to IPC members

send Email to Reviewer

Here you can send Emails to reviewers. The roles and the Review status are OR connected to themselfs, where the roles are AND connected to the review status.

Some examples:

  • 1 Role & 1 Review status - sends to all users who are in the role and have this review status eg. Primaries who declined
  • 2 Roles & 2 Review status - sends to all users who are in one of the two roles and have one of the two review status eg. Primaries or Secondaries who have no reaction or accepted but the review is missing
  • 1 Role & all Review status - sends to all users in this role
  • all Roles & 1 Review status - sends to all users who eg. accepted and completed the review to eg. thank them for their help

It should also be noted: If a reviewer is a role on multiple papers and has the same request status, he will receive multiple emails (one email per assigned paper). If there is the need for a general thank you it is possible to send only one email to the reviewers. Then the "Only one Email per Reviewer" should be ticked. The PaperID wildcard isn't a useful wildcard in this situation.

Send Email to reviewer

send Email to Authors

Send Email to authors