Upload your revised version, if your paper is conditionally accepted

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Uploading pdfs and other files has been simplified. There is now only one link:

Upload files.PNG

Please click on "Upload File":

Here you can upload all important files for your submission. Some uploads are locked and are only available once certain criteria is met. For example you must upload your paper before uploading additional media files.

1) If your paper is conditionally accepted, that means that it will undergo a second review cycle. Please upload your revised version using "Cycle_2 Paper (PDF)". Your submitted file will not be overwritten, the revised pdf will be shown with the suffix _2 in a new tab "Cycle 2".

2) You can also upload revised additional media files: choose "Cycle_2 Media (ZIP)"

3) If it is required to upload cover letters etc in this phase, you will find the corresponding menu items in the drop-down menu.

4) If you have any questions about the revision, you can use an anonymous communication channel to the corresponding senior reviewer/ chair by using the discussion link. Please restrict this communication to factual questions and do not try to negotiate.

Revauthordiscussion.PNG Revauthordiscussion 2.PNG