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= The Eurographics Conference Planning Guide =
The first 6 sections (Introduction to Timetable for Organisation) together with Appendix 1 have open access. Access to the whole Conference Guide is available on request to any group who are planning a bid to host the conference. Please contact the <a href="mailto:professional-board-chair@eg.org">Professional Board Chair</a> for more information.
==[[Handbook of the Association]]==
== Contents ==
* [[Introduction]]
* [[Applying to Host the Event]]
* [[Role of the Eurographics Executive Board]]
* [[The Local Organising Committee]]
* [[The Conference Organiser]]
* [[Timetable for Organisation]]
* [[The Budget]]
* [[The Web Pages]]
* [[The Tutorials]]
* [[The Conference Programme]]
* [[The Günter Enderle Award]]
* [[The John Lansdown Award]]
* [[The Short Presentations]]
* [[State-of-the-Art Reports]]
* [[The Social Programme]]
* [[The Slide and Animation Competitions and Shows]]
* [[Graphics Labs Database]]
* [[Computing Equipment and the Internet]]
* [[Student Volunteers]]
* [[Publicity]]
* [[During the Conference Week]]
* [[Optional Events]]
* [[Wind-up]]
* Appendices
** [[Appendix 1: Application Form to Host the Annual Event]]
** [[Appendix 2: Sample Letters and Forms for Tutorials]]
** [[Appendix 3: Sample Letters and Forms for Conference]]
** [[Appendix 4: Günter Enderle Award Committee: Procedures]]
** [[Appendix 5: Opening and Closing Sessions]]
** [[Appendix 6: License to Publish Form]]
** [[Appendix 7: ISSN for Conference Proceedings]]
==[[How to use a WIKI]]==
==[[The Eurographics Conference Planning Guide]]==
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==[[How to use a WIKI]]==
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Handbook of the Association

The Eurographics Conference Planning Guide

How to use a WIKI