Provided Features in SRMv2

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New features have been implemented based on the varied feedback from chairs, authors, and reviewers.

  • configurable submission form: besides predefined title and abstract field SRM 2 supports free form fields with variable descriptions as well as combo- or checkboxes
  • configurable review form: the default review form can be adapted to the needs of the event; a dynamically created offline review form (xml) is available
  • dynamic reviewer types: the display name is not limited to “primary”, “secondary”, or “tertiary”; the list of access rights for the various types of reviewers has been extended and these attributes can be combined in many ways, e.g. “can see authors”, “can see other reviews", “can see other reviewers”, “can take part in discussion”, to name a few
  • the number of review cycles is not limited to two anymore
  • adding of multiple IPC users is easily possible
  • activation button: authors can view all reviews online together with the results
  • deadline settings via webform; strict deadlines are possible as well as grace-periods
  • text analysis tool: In addition to the system-created assignment suggestions based on the bidding and the preferences, a new text analysis tool is implemented. This tool consists of the
    • upload possibilities for own papers of IPC members and
    • the generating of a matching between papers of IPC members and uploaded papers of the authors. The resulting affinity scores will then be used together with the bidding and the preferences to create an assignment suggestion.