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Start a new calculation

Show suggestion for IPC is the automatical assignment process of SRMv2. As it is impractical by hand to assign hundreds of users to hundreds of paper the system tries to create a matching based on the available data.

At first the system shows a list of all IPC members with along with every review type which is currently assigned to the conference.

Show Suggestion for IPC without data

It is also possible to order the suggestion by submissions

Show Suggestion for IPC by Submissions

When you press create New Suggestion you set the preferences for the new matching. In this example the setup means the system should use and calculate one Main reviewer and one Assigned Reviewer for every submission.

Create a new matching

After the calculation is done (this might take some time for a large datapool) the suggestion looks like this. If the system outputs "Sequence contains no elements" it means, the assignment amount is too large or there are too few IPC members. See [calculate Suggestion] for further information.

Show Suggestion for IPC with data

Here the testaccount was assigned as Assigned reviewer in paper1001 and paper1002. The number behind the paper indicates the bidding of this person to the paper according to the Show Bidding (-1 means the user didn't bid, 0 want to review, 1 can review and so on).

If you are interessted how the matching is created: calculate Suggestion

Modify the matching

If you aren't satisfied with the current matching it is possible to start again to get a better matching (there is a random shuffle in the matching) or to adjust the matching of the system. Therefore click on the paper you want to fix. You will get to the following page:

Edit Suggestion

There you can customize who will be assigned as which review type. (One person can't be in multiple review types in one paper!) There you can access the submission, see every reviewtype, who is currently assigned in this review type, for every Reviewtype a checkbox, the internal generated rating, the bidding of the person, his global expertise list. And how much the person has expertise matching with the paper.

Assign the matching

Once your satisfied with the suggestion, you can take the assignments live by pressing "take Suggestion Live". This will assign every user to the role and sent out a mail to every person in order to accept/decline the review request.

MIND: Sending out emails currently disabled!

You can track the further process with the Current Review Status