Text Analysis Tool and IPC Uploader

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In addition to the system-created assignment suggestions based on the bidding and the preferences, a new text analysis tool is implemented. This tool consists of the -- upload possibilities for own papers of IPC members and -- the generating of a matching between papers of an IPC members and uploaded papers of the authors. The resulting affinity scores will then be used together with the bidding and the preferences to create an assignment suggestion. The text analysis is based on the tf–idf-algorithm, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tf%E2%80%93idf For help concerning the IPC uploader see: https://wiki.eg.org/SRMv2Wiki/index.php/IPCUploader The uploaded IPC papers will not be used for other purposes, the pdfs should not be protected.

As chair you should inform the admin, if you want to use this tool.